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Improve efficiency, cleanliness, and operational safety of your equipment

“The diversified problems associated with the operation of water systems can be vast.  A lack of diligence in addressing these issues can result in poor efficiency, equipment failure, frequent repair, and ultimately, excessive, unnecessary cost to the owner.”  -Scientific

Manufacturing for Over 50 Years

Water Treatment Specialist You Can Rely On

Scientific has over 40 years of experience in the water treatment industry including extensive background with laboratory analysis, product formulation, failure analysis and technical training.

We are staffed by a variety of technical backgrounds including Chemists as well as Chemical, Computer, and Systems Engineers.  We also maintain licenses for domestic water treatment in New York and Pesticide Applicator licenses for New York and New Jersey.  Expansive background knowledge enables us to diagnose and solve ANY water related problem.

Manufacturing is one facet of our operation.  We have the capacity to make ANY chemical treatment product that may be required.  We offer various types of custom blended treatment programs and services that cover the gambit of problems associated with water systems. 

Scientific is registered with CHEMTREC®, an emergency response information provider.   CHEMTREC® provides immediate, 24 hour, safe handling information and emergency assistance to Scientific customers involved with transporting and use of our treatment products.

New Jersey State vendor – 2006 – present.

Pennsylvania State vendor – 2013 – present.

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